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3 Ways to Leverage Adversity

Everyone's adversity is unique-two people experiencing the exact same trauma or challenge do not perceive or react to it in the same way. We wish we never had to contend with a bad boss, a selfish employee, a death in the family or the feeling that you are running out of time, but these are all parts of the game we call Life.

So, what can we take away from the inevitable adversities and tragedies?

1- Learn.

Look at the challenge and ask yourself- "What can I learn from this?" or "How will this help me grow?" This instantly takes you out of the "Victim" mode and into a position of more power.

2- Take Inventory.

If you suffer a great loss, take stock immediately of the beautiful and important things you still have and the people that are still around to love and support. This may be hard or even feel impossible at first, but there is immense power in gratitude.


We all collect unique lessons from our trials, special points of views that arise as a result. Ask yourself "Who else can this lesson serve?" The greatest way to surpass pain or adversity is to USE it-share your insight & help others in some way, however insignificant it may seem. We advance together.

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