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Forget Regrets

Regrets - the thoughts that keep us up at night or taunt us frequently. What we should've done, could've done, or wasted too much time on. Regrets over not taking an opportunity that was right out of fear, or taking one that was wrong for the same reason. Bad jobs, toxic relationships, or just too much time wasted with nothing or little to show. Got any of those? We all do! How do we minimize the probability that we will accumulate many more?

My father has always been a very driven man, a people's man - everyone loves Eddie! His house and his schedule are always full. Watching him, I learned about engaging people so that they would go to war for you because they understood that you would always look out for their best interest. I recognized that success hinged upon engagement, setting goals, putting in the work, and tons of energy. From my father, I also learned to think fast, move fast, and Drive-Drive-Drive until I got what I wanted.

Then recently, my father told me something that blew my mind, not because I hadn't heard it before, but because I just never thought I would hear it from him - a man who has always stood as the symbol of success in my family, always a rocket shooting off in many directions, always on the go!

He said:

"I wish I would have spent less time working and more time enjoying my family. You can't get that time back."

What does success look like to you? Is it material only or the quality of life and love you enjoy?

Of course, as a coach, I caution my clients all the time about work/life balance, organizing your life around your overall health, and about that never-ceasing clock that churns out the years and the wrinkles on your face without mercy. Something about hearing a driven and successful man like my father talk about regrets around this topic was somehow surprising and yet made total sense.

What if you could go back to your younger self? What would you say? What would you caution?

I was talking to a group of young women about to graduate high school and go off to college as part of a mentoring group. Mentors gave a lot of great advice about safety, living with roommates, and time management. I thought, "What would I have wanted to know that would have changed my life?"

"Ladies," I said,

  • "First, start a savings account today and build your wealth early on! Money offers you more freedom, more options, and more opportunities to contribute. It doesn't take much at your age - start with $10 a month if nothing else. Then forget it's there. (Boy! Do I wish I would have done that!)

  • Don't be afraid to grab an exciting opportunity, even if it terrifies you. Learn everything you can as quickly as you can until it doesn't.

  • If you find you don't like what you are doing, don't be afraid to change.

  • Most of all, savor every single moment! Find the joy and love in every possible corner of life. None of us know how much time we have."

Ominous? I don't think so. I would say I did most of these things most of the time in my life. But OHHH! the times when I didn't! The times when I did not listen to my intuition, when I did not save for later, or when I let others misuse and abuse my resources, time being the most important, those are the times I regret.

Now I help others watch out for the vampires, personal pitfalls, and self-sabotaging mindsets that drop bombs on their success paths. The more you avoid these, the fewer regrets you will gather.

Listen to that voice inside that tells you it is time to go, time to grow, or time to take the deep dive into a new opportunity.

I walked away from a six-figure-income corporate job to give everything I had to my dream-my coaching and speaking business. The year was 2019 - rough year to start a business. Who plans for a worldwide pandemic in their business plan? Intuition had prompted the dive. I was not going to give up. It has been the most challenging endeavor of my life. And it has been absolutely fabulous! No regrets!

Forget regrets!

Figure out what, where, and who you want to be. Then go BE it.

Clarify your Vision. Say "Yes!" to the right Opportunities. Lean on your resources. Actualize a plan. And Recalibrate when necessary -VOLAR!

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Mitch Savoie Hill is a Certified Professional Coach, TEDx Speaker, author, and CEO of SavHill Consulting LLC. With over 25 years of experience in Sales, Hospitality, Training, and Leadership, she delivers engaging and energetic presentations as well as 1:1 coaching to help her clients clarify their vision, map out strategies and Stretch Their Horizons!

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