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Having Trouble Sleeping? 5 Things That Can Help

Updated: May 26, 2020

In times of stress and high anxiety, sleep is one of the major things that comes under attack!

Perhaps you are wrestling with too many things in your brain, perhaps your worries are weighing you down at night, and perhaps your sleep space has now been converted to your WORK space too!

None of this is very conducive to an entrance by the Sandman.

How do you cope? How do you find the sleep solution?

When working with my coaching clients, I understand that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach. So we try a few things at first and experiment with what works best.

Personally, I had never really struggled with insomnia until recently. Could be the age (though I refuse to go there!) Could be that there have been a TON of changes - deaths, moves, starting a new business - that sounds a lot more plausible than the age thing. ;)

In any case, just as I help my clients figure out their solutions, a lot of what I recommend is coming from my own experience as well as from a LOT of research about the issue.

Below is a short video with 5 tips that may help you if you are in need of some sleep remedies.

Some things I will add:

-Meditation apps

-Not eating a big meal too close to bed time

-Supplements. Some sleep supplements have proven helpful for my husband and myself. The supplements I have found to work well are powder magnesium in warm water, lavender gel caps, NAC - it is an amino acid that helps with solid sleeping - B Vitamins, and for me (but not so much for my husband) a formula in a capsule called Sleep Time.

However, the things I mention in this video are the basics and what I always start with first - my coaching clients will attest to that. Hope this helps!

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