Start Where You Stand (The Day After The Atlanta Protest)

Saturday Morning - Just drove through downtown Atlanta, expecting it to be like a city after a hurricane. It is incredible how quickly we rebuild. It was not at all the post-storm ruin I imagined. I know there were damages, but in the streets I drove by they had already been neatly contained, wrapped up and ready to be patched up.

I wanted to take it all in like mental photography. I saw crews working together to quickly repair damaged windows and doors. Homeless people slowly walked by wearing their masks, like nothing had really fazed them - just another day - while a preppy white man in his 30's with a little girl and a little boy, donning masks and gloves, picked up trash off the grass along the street. A few feet from them, a young black photographer was capturing the spider web-like cracks in a storefront window like a historian. He stopped to look up from his camera, pensive, studying the intricate ways the glass webbed but did not break.

Otherwise it was like business as usual - joggers jogging, tourists gawking, and cars cruising around the giant Ferris Wheel.

Some streets were blocked off to allow for the construction crews to work their restorative magic. Buildings can be repaired so quickly that in a few days there will be no evidence that the entire Starbucks glass storefront was a shattered kaleidoscope.

How do we repair and rebuild a whole society, especially one resistant to change?

It takes powerful leadership -

One wall at a time, starting from your own walls of ignorance and intolerance.

One sphere of influence at a time, starting with your own.

One creative endeavor after another.

And Many Hearts and Minds working together.

It is almost inconceivable how powerful we are, each on of us, to influence and inspire positive change when we set our minds and efforts to it, and even more powerful when we work together.

Don't get overwhelmed with what you cannot control.

Change What You Can. Start where you stand.


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