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TEDx Talk - Which Box Do I Check?

A TEDx Talk about Diversity, Adversity, our search for Identity, and the limiting Boxes we trap ourselves and others in.

How can we re-train our brains against holding fast to snap-judgements? How do we dissolve the prejudices that keep us from truly understanding and cooperating with one another?

Mitch Savoie Hill, Certified Professional Coach and TEDx Speaker, will answer these questions and so much more...


Mitch Savoie Hill is a Certified Professional Coach, TEDx Speaker, and DISC Certified Corporate Trainer, as well as the CEO and Founder of SavHill Consulting LLC. With over 25 years of experience in Sales, Hospitality, Training and Leadership, she delivers engaging and energetic presentations for any company or group wanting to clarify their vision, map out strategies and Stretch Their Horizons!

To find out more about Coaching or Corporate Training for your team,

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