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Tips For Business Development In Remote Times

How do you ensure Client Loyalty in times when even touching base with a client is like running an impossible obstacle course?

Many of my Business Development colleagues are asking just that. You cannot get in to see a prospective client or entertain a long-standing one. Many companies are still having their staff work from home or, if they are in the office, they are tucked away safely behind locked doors.

Understandably, these companies are being careful and conscientious about their employees' health, protecting the producers. Unfortunately, this poses a new challenge for those people tasked and pressured to go out and procure more business. These are unprecedented challenges for sales people.

As coaches, we know that usually in times of economic depression, Sales Training is in major demand. However, this time we are not only seeing a decline in available dollars to spend but also in availability and accessibility to new or current clients.

How do you "sell" a good or service if you can't get to first base - establishing rapport?

How do you bust that barrier as Business Developers?

How do you break through, reach in and engage?

You will have to be very creative - think outside the box.

If thinking outside the box is not your forte, you will have to find someone who can give you some clues. We are seeing signs that it will not be a quick recovery to "Normal". Some of my corporate clients have already been scheduled to work remotely until January! And even THAT date is tentative.

Relationship building and maintaining will be as important as ever and trickier than ever. You need to stay front of mind without your usual Candy Jar or Catered Lunch drop-ins. How do you do that?

Here are some thing you CAN do:

  • Try working in tandem with fellow business partners in your industry, exchanging ideas and resources or hosting virtual events together.

  • Stay in tune with new technology, researching constantly, reading industry articles that give clues to newly-emerging methods of engaging in a remote world.

  • Sit in on webinars like the one below, so you stay savvy on how to bring it when it comes to your virtual presence.

Whatever you do, Don't Give Up. 

Change is challenging for everyone. You are not the only one struggling to wrap your head around this one. Stay calm. Stay alert for new ideas. And Collaborate.

We accomplish a great deal more when we work together!

-Mitch Savoie Hill, CPC

SavHill Consulting LLC


Join me on Tuesday, July 28th, 11:30 AM for a 1 Hr Webinar

"Engaging Your Clients Virtually"

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