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What CAN You Manage? 6 Things You Can Control Even In Crazy Times!


In Crazy times, we can start to feel hopeless about our power to manage situations, pandemics, the economy, the near future and TIME.

Some people currently are struggling with too much time cooped up inside.

Some people are struggling with not enough time and space for all the things pressing down on them.

One thing is for certain, you can only control what you can control. To stress out about the things we cannot control is pointless and very unhealthy.

Here are the things you CAN control-

1-Your Mindset

Choose to be calm and present. Tell yourself, "This too shall pass and when it does hopefully we will have learned something."

2-Your Efforts

Take time to do the things that will make you more time and money later. What are projects you have been putting off that you now have been given the gift of time to work on? What new skill can you learn or new opportunities can you explore?

3-Your Boundaries

Whether physical, in your communications or in what you allow to enter in and affect your thoughts, Guard Your Boundaries.

4-Making the Most Out of a Situation

Ask yourself- "What Opportunity is present within this Adversity?" It is always there if you look hard enough, even if just the opportunity to

spend more time with your family, your kids, or your dog (MAN! My dog is LOVING mommy and daddy working from home time!)

5-Drinking in the Sunshine

As I walked Scarlett around Piedmont Park in the past few days, I saw more people walking, running, playing with their kids and just taking in the sunshine than ever. A lot of us work indoors for 40-50-60 hours a week sometimes, forgetting to step out into the sun for some natural Vitamin D and extroversion. Yet this is what the body and mind need to recharge and refocus daily. Whether working from home or indoors elsewhere, taking walks even for 10-15 minutes is invaluable. (Just don't forget your Social Distancing.)

6-Taking Time to Dream- Use the extra time to Dream Big, plan ahead for Big Goals and Educate yourself through Books, Online Classes and Webinars.

In this time of forced re-setting and re-booting, let's make the most of what we have!

Join me on April 1st, 2020 from 10 am to 12 pm for a Deep Dive Session into "The Time Management Myths"-a Live, Immersive and VERY ACTIVE Webinar where we will apply tools that will help you manage your efforts and boundaries to get the most out of every area of your life!

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