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"Yet another amazing class by the ever so energetic and talented Mitch Savoie Hill, CPC! 


Mitch is an absolute professional-an energetic, experienced corporate trainer, public speaker and natural leader that can move a crowd. Her charismatic personality along with her obvious knowledge of coaching interpersonal skills should be mandatory for companies seeking a great trainer." -K.C. 

Public Speaking-Learn the R.O.P.E.S.

Public Speaking is the number ONE fear based on comprehensive surveys internationally. Yet much of business and some life situations as well hinge on the ability to address a group comfortably in order to get your point across to any audience.

The Public Speaking R.O.P.E.S. are a codified set of rules and practical exercises to help "own the room" and confidently address a crowd, large or small. This informational, engaging and active workshop will teach anyone the Public Speaking R.O.P.E.S. and bring their presentation skills to a higher level.

The Time Management Myth


Bust the myths about managing the clock as well as the general concept of work/life balance and gain practical tools you can apply immediately to boost production, reduce stress and breathe easier in all areas of work and life!

How To Inspire Cooperation


Cooperation is vital to goal attainment, but how do you manage to inspire and bring diverse groups together for a common goal or purpose? How do you vanquish the Negative Nancie and nay-sayers? And how do you get a team to look past adversity and focus on the Ultimate Vision?

These are the questions we answer with practical tips you can apply immediately to the end of attaining your work group, organization or family goals.

DISC Training & Coaching

The DISC Behavioral Assessment and Profiling system is a powerful tool used by some of the world's top companies in coaching individuals and teams towards understanding how they and those around them relate and operate, increasing performance and productivity.

(Workshops Can be Scheduled for 2 Hours, Half-Day, All-Day or Multi-Day*)



Topics Include:

  • Understanding the DISC Styles 

  • DISC & Leadership

  • DISC & The Sales Process

  • DISC & Customer Service

  • Building a Power Team



*We can customize training for your group needs.


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