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Speaking & Training

Mitch Savoie Hill, CPC

Engagement Expert


Keynotes & Highly Interactive Workshops to help your teams and audiences learn how to:

Engage & retain clients and teams.

Adapt to different personalities and communication styles.​

Thrive in diverse, dynamic environments.

Overcome roadblocks to success!

Mitch Savoie Hill brings over 25 years of experience in

Leadership, Training, and Sales roles across multiple industries

and diverse markets!

"Mitch is a force of energy!

-Stephany Connelly, Regional Director, NAWIC South Atlantic Region 2021-2022

Topics Include:

The 5 Steps To Turn Roadblocks Into Runways To Success!

We all face adversity - roadblocks on the road to achieving our professional, company, or personal goals.  This highly energetic and interactive session, based on Mitch Savoie Hill's inspiring and instructional book, will lay out Mitch's 5 step formula for achieving personal or group goals, despite roadblocks.

Audiences will learn how to:


• Clarify their personal or group vision

• Inspire cooperation within a diverse group toward common goals

• Fully recognize and leverage opportunities and resources

• Actualize a workable plan toward a goal by avoiding the common pitfalls of poor planning

• Recalibrate as needed to overcome unexpected roadblocks


The Power of Engagement -

How To Succeed In Diverse, Dynamic Environments


In this highly interactive session, attendees will acquire practical tools to better adapt, engage, and connect with diverse personalities, have impactful conversations, and ultimately increase productivity, cooperation, and success.

Great for Sales, Managers, HR Leaders, or anyone wanting to improve engagement skills.


Attendees will learn:

  • How to successfully apply "The 3 Rules of Engagement" (including an interactive exercise)

  • How to set expectations in a manner that ensures understanding and proactivity

  • Tools to connect effectively with different personalities

  • Strategies for identifying and adapting to different communication styles

  • The 5 Keys to Active Listening

Transforming Customers Into Cheerleaders!

A guide to exceptional customer service,

this interactive class offers tools and techniques for establishing relationships with all types of clients (external and internal).


Attendees will learn: 

  • What drives customer satisfaction

  • How to apply active listening to understand customer needs

  • The 6 steps for handling customer escalations gracefully

  • How to set clear expectations that avoid future customer misunderstandings

  • How to create memorable experiences that surpass expectation and foster customer loyalty

The result?


Your clients becoming your biggest cheerleaders,

boosting your production, sales, and overall success!

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Public Speaking - Learn the R.O.P.E.S.

Public Speaking is the number ONE fear based on comprehensive surveys internationally. Yet much of business and even some life situations hinge on the ability to address a group comfortably in order to get your point across to any audience.

The Public Speaking R.O.P.E.S. are a codified set of rules and practical exercises to help attendees:

  • Improve their presentation preparations

  • Feel more confident and comfortable addressing an audience, large or small

  • Engage an audience and maintain their interest and attention

  • Craft a compelling elevator pitch

  • Identify and overcome common public speaking mistakes

Connect for Success!

How To Increase Emotional Intelligence

This interactive, workshop-style class or 

Keynote gives audiences an understanding of the basic components of EI (Emotional Intelligence) and offers effective tools for increasing each aspect so that anyone can form better connections in Sales, Leadership, Training & Life!

Audiences will learn:

  • How to increase Self-Awareness

  • How to increase Social Awareness

  • Tips for improved Self-Management

  • Immediately applicable tools for improving Relationship Management

  • How to improve overall communication for increased connectivity and success!

Rock That Role-

How To Level Up With Confidence

Whether embarking on a new role, new promotion, or a new business, change can be terrific and terrifying!

This highly energetic and interactive session will offer inspirational tips, proven strategies, and immediately applicable tools to help you Rock That Role!

Audiences will learn how to:


•Identify and vanquish self-sabotaging thoughts and habits

•Overcome fear or apprehensions about starting something new or leveling up

•Formulate a strategic growth plan  

•Effectively leverage resources to help bolster success

•Face transition with greater confidence

Which Box Do I Check? | Mitch Savoie Hill, CPC | TEDxAlpharettaWomen

Which Box Do I Check? | Mitch Savoie Hill, CPC | TEDxAlpharettaWomen

Play Video

Demystifying Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DE&I is an important and widely misunderstood topic. What does this topic have to do with your own personal success? How do we limit ourselves and others based on preconceived notions?


In this presentation derived from her TEDx Talk, Mitch Savoie Hill shares inspiring stories and technical tips on:

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion beyond the "box"

  • How to overcome personal bias 

  • The origins of prejudice

  • Recognizing Microaggressions and how to avoid them

  • How to engage people of diverse backgrounds

  • How to have uncomfortable conversations

  • How to increase Cultural IQ

Inclusive Leadership -

How To Engage Diverse Clients and Teams

An interactive and engaging presentation wherein the audience will gain an understanding of basic and vital concepts as well as immediately applicable tools they can use to increase understanding, cooperation, and loyalty amongst diverse groups.


Attendees will learn about:

  • The 6 traits of an inclusive leader

  • Employing diverse solutions to common training and productivity challenges in a multi-populated workforce

  • How to engage employees and clients so they become your biggest sources of referrals

  • Creating synergy with a diverse team

  • Employee retention

  • Inclusive hiring practices
  • How to use team surveys and "stay" interviews to increase retention


*Each presentation/workshop is tailored for your group's specific challenges and needs in this subject

*DE&I Roundtable Facilitation, Inclusive Leadership Coaching and Small Group Coaching also available

DISC-Cert-Emblem (1).png

DISC Training, Assessments & Coaching​​

The DISC Behavioral Assessment and Profiling system is a powerful tool used by some of the world's top companies in coaching individuals and teams towards understanding how they and those around them relate and operate, increasing performance and productivity. It is also a widely used hiring tool when looking to form a balanced and synergistic team. 

DISC Applications Include:

Understanding the DISC Styles 

DISC & Effective Leadership 

DISC & The Sales Process

DISC & Customer Service

Building a Power Team







(Workshops Can be Scheduled for Half-Day, All-Day or Multi-Day*)


Online Assessments are available. 



*We can customize training for your group needs.


*Find out about how to obtain DISC Assessments for your team or prospective new hires.

What Her Clients Say


What makes Mitch different from other speakers we have worked with is that she brings engagement, fun, and learning to our group without feeling like they are being “spoken to.”


Her Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion talk was our most highly-rated session of the day. Now that is a feat! She is great to work with from a planner’s perspective.


We cannot wait to bring her back to speak with our group again!


-Krystal Humphrey, Bay Area Apartment Association


Mitch Savoie Hill is an absolute powerhouse.


She is one of the most motivating, professional, energetic, and inspiring speakers I have ever worked with and she has a way of making every single person feel engaged and important – even via Zoom! I would absolutely work with Mitch again and I cannot recommend her enough to industry peers and other organizations.

-Blaire Berto, Senior Association Coordinator, Meeting Expectations, MPI Georgia


BOMA Greater Tampa Bay recently hosted Mitch Savoie Hill to deliver an enlightening and interactive presentation on DE&I. 


Mitch’s approach is gentle and kind, as to not trigger anyone’s knee-jerk reaction to this sensitive and necessary topic.  Her ability to read the audience and engage them is heartfelt and her message came across as positive and upbeat. She also coached us on why it is vital to capture a diverse workforce so we can gain different perspectives and truly engage our teams and clients!"

-Melanie Schrul - Executive Director BOMA Greater Tampa Bay, BOMA Fort Lauderdale & Palm Beaches;

 BOMA International Executive Committee Member


Mitch recently spoke for FSAE and delivered an interactive and insightful presentation on Public Speaking that brought our attendees outside of their comfort zone in the best way. Her comical anecdotes kept everyone engaged. Our CEO loved her presentation so much immediately after the meeting he told staff “We have to book her again!”

-Lana Steele, CMP Membership and Events Coordinator


Mitch is an absolute professional - an energetic, experienced corporate trainer, public speaker and natural leader that can move a crowd. Her charismatic personality along with her obvious knowledge of coaching interpersonal skills should be mandatory for companies seeking a great trainer.

 -Karel Costas, PCAM, Community Association Management Leader

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