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Mitch recently presented at our Expo in Tampa. What a success!


What makes Mitch different from other speakers we have worked with is that she brings engagement, fun, and learning to our group without feeling like they are being “spoken to.”


Her Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion talk was our most highly-rated session of the day. Now that is a feat! She is great to work with from a planner’s perspective.


We cannot wait to bring her back to speak with our group again!


-Krystal Humphrey, Bay Area Apartment Association


Mitch is a force of energy! She will bring enthusiasm and light to any room and every conversation.


We recently hired Mitch to run a DE&I roundtable discussion for our NAWIC regional conference and she knocked it out of the park! She got people engaged right from the beginning and also encourage people to be vulnerable and have courageous conversations.


I highly recommend her for DE&I discussions.

-Stephany Connelly, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Covenant Holdings LLC;

Regional Director, NAWIC South Atlantic Region 2021-2022


Mitch Savoie Hill is an absolute powerhouse.


She is one of the most motivating, professional, energetic, and inspiring speakers I have ever worked with and she has a way of making every single person feel engaged and important – even via Zoom!


I would absolutely work with Mitch again and I cannot recommend her enough to industry peers and other organizations.


-Blaire Berto, Senior Association Coordinator, Meeting Expectations, MPI Georgia



Mitch spoke at a virtual lunch and learn for the Columbia chapter of NAWIC (National Association of Women on Construction). 'Spoke' is really an understatement: She led a workshop with 8 of our chapter members on our goals for 2022 and the best ways of achieving them.


Her ability to engage with different personalities is really unique in that it pushes the person to not only share, but also think critically about how goals are achieved.


Because of the great content and feedback from our chapter we've reached out to schedule another virtual session with her in the next two months. She was that good!

-Natalye Jackson, National Association of Women In Construction, Columbia, SC Chapter


Yet another amazing class by the ever so energetic and talented Mitch Savoie Hill, CPC! 

Mitch is an absolute professional-an energetic, experienced corporate trainer, public speaker and natural leader that can move a crowd. Her charismatic personality along with her obvious knowledge of coaching interpersonal skills should be mandatory for companies seeking a great trainer.

Today’s topic was “How To Inspire Cooperation”. I have attended several of her leadership training courses that deal with interpersonal skills development. If you or your corporation have ever considered hiring a coach for your team; look no further. SavHill Consulting, LLC will more than likely surpass your expectations.

Mitch Savoie Hill’s sharp bullet points approach to coaching executives is welcomed by those seeking results... and her smile is contagious so watch out. 5 Stars from me!

 -Karel Costas-Armas, LCAM, CMCA, AMS, Community Association Manager 


Mitch recently spoke for FSAE and delivered an interactive and insightful presentation on Public Speaking that brought our attendees outside of their comfort zone in the best way. Her comical anecdotes kept everyone engaged. Our CEO loved her presentation so much immediately after the meeting he told staff “We have to book her again!”


-Lana Steele, CMP Membership and Events Coordinator


Mitch was kind enough to speak to our CBRE Women’s Network Florida group today about Managing Stress & Time Management. It was hugely informative and we enjoyed hearing new ways that we can help alleviate stress by delegating and better organizing our lives (business & personal). I highly recommend Mitch for your personal and corporate level speaking needs.

 -Angela Pongpathed, Real Estate Manager, CBRE


Mitch is an exceptional coach with a vast experience in her field. Not only does she offer a variety of extensive trainings for your teams, her charismatic demeanor is engaging and always captivates her audience. I highly recommend her services and can assure she will never disappoint.

 -Marilyn Nieves, President, Associa Management Company


Mitch, On behalf of CAI West Florida Chapter and the Young Professionals Committee, I wanted to thank you again for presenting your Public Speaking workshop to our group this morning. It was an absolute pleasure watching you present something you not only excel at, but also enjoy! Based on the reactions and feedback, hopefully we can see the second half of your workshop some time down the road.

 -Scott Gilbert, Membership Services Director CAI West Florida 





After working alongside Mitch at a few professional events, I knew Mitch was who I wanted to learn from so I asked her to be my mentor and coach.

I never knew I needed a coach until I showed up at our first session at Panera and I had my famous 'to do lists' but they were scattered everywhere. Our first action item was to create one to do list and simplify- and I thought I was the most organized person, what an eye opener!


Mitch has been a part of my growing journey since 2019 and I don't think I could ever repay her for being as supportive and making sure to hold me accountable for following my dreams. Action items that seem so simple, become major game changers in our every day success. Mitch has helped me with items big and small and everything in between. We tackled small action items, like waking up at 5am to big action items such as quitting my job, moving to a new state and pursuing a totally new career in real estate!


I have always had a go getter personality, goals and dreams- but I have to give a lot of credit to Mitch for being there through it all as somebody to lean on and provide the help, guidance and strategy along the way. Thank you Mitch and SavHill Consulting! VOLAR!

-Courtney Brown, Licensed Real Estate Professional



In the presence of power, you witness your own.


I was stuck playing all these negative stories in my head, unable to move forward in my life. Once I started my coaching sessions with Mitch Savoie Hill, she helped me see another side of myself and life. It felt like opening my eyes for the first time and seeing myself as bright, bold and strong. I was no longer stuck. I started to feel like I have power in my presence.


Mitch is so powerful, warm, helpful, encouraging and one of the best people I have the pleasure of knowing. I am forever grateful she was able to coach me, share advices, and teach me so many useful tools that I still use to this day. I can't wait to see where my journey will take me!

 -Roxxy Rivera, Construction Professional



It is hard to describe in simple words my experience with Mitch. While transitioning career and education in a fast-paced life, Mitch was the perfect coach to optimistically reinforce my skills and aspirations. She was able to adapt her coaching style and apply tactics, resources, and guidance that have provided me with tremendous amount of opportunities, knowledge and exposure in my personal life and professional career.

 -Zahira Mercado, Business Development Manager



I have been working with Mitch for a little over a year now.  My life is forever changed both personally and professionally due to her coaching process. Her approach challenges you to find the answers within. 


Each and every session with Mitch encourages decisions that I could not confidently come to on my own.  She is a wonderful listener and asks the right questions to help assist you dissect matters in a way that is very much practical to day-to-day life.  Mitch’s coaching style offers a sense of self-discovery, she allows you to feel very comfortable to talk through any topic.


After my sessions with Mitch I am left feeling fulfilled and decisive.  The cathartic effect of Mitch’s coaching style is invaluable, and I recommend her to everyone!

 -Virginia Andre, Asset Manager

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