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Helping You Stretch Your Horizons

Mitch Savoie Hill, CPC
Certified Professional Coach,
DISC Certified Trainer

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"It is hard to describe in simple words my experience with Mitch.

While transitioning career and education in a fast-paced life, Mitch was the perfect coach to optimistically reinforce my skills and aspirations. She was able to adapt her coaching style and apply tactics, resources, and guidance that have provided me with tremendous amounts of opportunities, knowledge and exposure in my personal life and professional career."

-Zahira Mercado, Business Development Manager

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Coaching is a co-creative process wherein the coach and the client work together to come up with solutions, ideas, next steps and action plans. It may be a brainstorm session one day and more of a deep dive into behaviors and patterns another. No two coaching sessions are alike, which makes the process dynamic and exciting. At the end of each session the client should come away with a feeling of having truly made a shift and ready to take decisive action.

Mitch Savoie Hill is a Certified Professional Coach. She uses the coaching model session as well as her 30+ years of leadership expertise to help guide her clients to their best solutions and outcomes. 

Mitch Savoie Hill's coaching style is personalized, focused and directive so as to help you achieve your goals as quickly as possible, despite adversity, turning your roadblocks into runways to success!

Do you want to:


Make a big transition?

Map out your path to promotion?

Be a more effective and inclusive leader?

Become more confident and decisive?

Find more balance?


"Each and every session with Mitch encourages decisions that I could not confidently come to on my own.

She is a wonderful listener and asks the right questions to help assist you dissect matters in a way that is very much practical to day-to-day life. 


Mitch’s coaching style offers a sense of self-discovery, she allows you to feel very comfortable to talk through any topic.


After my sessions with Mitch I am left feeling fulfilled and decisive.  The cathartic effect of Mitch’s coaching style is invaluable, and I recommend her to everyone!"

 -Virginia Andre, Asset Manager

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