Helping You Stretch Your Horizons

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"If you or your corporation have ever considered hiring a coach for your team; look no further. SavHill Consulting, LLC will more than likely surpass your expectations. 


Mitch Savoie Hill’s sharp bullet points approach to coaching executives is welcomed by those seeking results... and her smile is contagious, so watch out. 5 Stars from me!"  -K.C.

Coaching is a co-creative process wherein the coach and the client work together to come up with solutions, ideas, next steps and action plans. It may be a brainstorm session one day and more of a deep dive into behaviors and patterns another. No two coaching sessions are alike, which makes the process dynamic and exciting. At the end of each session the client should come away with a feeling of having truly made a shift and ready to take decisive action.

Mitch Savoie Hill is a certified Professional Coach. She uses the coaching model session as well as her 30+ years of leadership expertise to help guide her clients to their best solutions and plans. She also serves on the Board of Directors for the Georgia Chapter of the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), believing in the importance of serving her community.

SavHill Consulting's Mission is to help leaders and teams find their voices, clarify their visions, map out the strategy that will get them to the horizon and beyond! 


Let us help you Stretch Your Horizons!


"After my sessions with Mitch I am left feeling fulfilled and decisive.  The cathartic effect of Mitch’s coaching style is invaluable, and I recommend her to everyone!" -V.A.